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This past weekend I was able to get out kayaking with Paul and Scott. On the Saturday Paul and myself hit up the Lower Quinsam river at 46cms before heading to the Upper Oyster river. Then on the Sunday, Scott joined Paul and myself for some paddling adventures in the Gold River Zone. The first plan was to paddle the Quatchka creek, however the road was a bit snowy still and my car had trouble driving in.

For this trip I packed the Canon EOS 1D mark 3 and a 50mmf1.8 lens. I like this set up for a couple reasons – 1 it is compact, and 2 it gives me a bit of range with the f-stop to pick up a bit more light. Plus I just love my 50mm.

Anyway after the snowy drive we  decided a change plans was in order and headed for the Lower Heber river with plans to take-out after the canyon on the Lower Gold river. This would give us two different rivers, one a low volume and one with a higher water feel. The Heber was running around 9cms and the Gold was running at 180cms +/-, early in the week the Gold river had peaked at 2005cms. The nice thing was that the Heber river was clean of wood. Stoked on this fun time.

It was great to get back up into that zone, look forward to more paddling adventures up there this spring. Enjoy the photos.

Morning Refections on the road to the river

Morning Refections on the road to the river

Into the snowy hills

Into the snowy hills



Gold River-kayaking-6999-Edit

Paul and Scott taking in the view

Gold River-kayaking-7018

Scott on the last rapid of the 1st canyon.

Gold River-kayaking-7028

Paul on the last big rapid of the Lower Heber

Gold River-kayaking-7035

Paul pretty stoked

Gold River-kayaking-7088

Paul D coming through Big Drop on the Lower Gold, just before he stops for a quick visit to the last hole

Gold River-kayaking-7135

Scott cleaning through Big Drop on the Lower Gold

Gold River-kayaking-7154-Edit

The Lads after a good day on the river, soaking in the afternoon sun

Gold River-kayaking-7164

Sunrays – love the outdoors

Gold River-kayaking-7187-Edit

The Road home.. can see why motorcycle riders love this stretch of highway

Gold River-kayaking-7213-Edit

Afternoon reflections

Gold River-kayaking-7243-Edit

Leg stretch at upper Campbell lake

Gold River-kayaking-7285

The reflections where so good on the drive home. Evening light on a small lake close to Campbell River

Gold River-kayaking-7303-Edit

Home sweet Home, driving back into town with the sun setting over the Beaufort range. #vancouverisland

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