A fall of teaching kayaking with COLT

Stoked students 🙂

As we head toward the end of 2018, it has now been my 8th year teaching students with the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training program(COLT). 

So much fun, so many different people learning the fun of whitewater kayaking. A few of them having taken to it like a fish to water. 

We had a smaller group this fall and worked with a few different instructors. It was great to paddle with them and get different teaching ideas. Cheers Amy, Dan and Laurel. 

Teaching kayaking helps my boating, I get to spend time working with people on their skills, sharing the joy of white water kayaking, seeing them improve and share times on the rivers we get to paddle whether it’s the Campbell, the Gold, Nimpkish, the Salmon or the Oyster. 

The last trip of the fall we headed with the students to the Nimpkish river. We were fortunate to have good levels come in after a evening of rain. Always fun to put in a few days running down a section of river, checking the maps, watching the students nail their lines or not.

With the white limestone canyon at the end before hitting Nimpkish lake, the third day is very scenic. We didn’t have very much wind on the lake which made the paddle to the take out a bit easier.

On to the river

Kite boarders frequent this lake  during good winds and put on a pretty incredible show. With gear packed and a light lunch ate, we make our way back down the east coast of the Island, with a quick stop in Woss for a group shot at the local service station. Driving back to the Lodge we do a wrap up and wish them luck on the next part of their course. 

Look forward to the next course in the spring and sharing the joy of kayaking.

Enjoy the images, 

Canoeing the Nimpkish
Laurel organizing her Watershed dry bag on the raft
Running Iron Mine
Raft running through Iron Mine
Relaxing on the float
Last strokes to the lake
Take-out bound 
Rad time with these students and Laurel (Red Jacket) on the Nimpkish
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