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Paddling on the Elk River

After a day of teaching with the COLT students, I was able to sneak away for a evening run with Jeff on the Elk river. A fairly close river to Strathcona Park Lodge, it had jumped up with a recent rain. We had talked with Jamie Boulding about different access points and decided to put in at a small tributary called —- creek, quite close to trailhead for landslide lake. The small creek was pretty wood choked, so after 150m we hiked through the woods for probably another 200m before we reached the Elk river proper.

The section we paddled was a nice class 2-3, 5km section. A couple of fun waves, a couple of canyon sections and some fun eddy catching. The level was around 25 cms. A good after work lap. Cheers to Jeff for joining.

Enjoy the Pictures

Jeff heading to Drum creek

View from Above

150m of paddling brought us here, hiking time

This old logging road would make hiking in easier

The Elk

We found a nice wee wave on this corner.

Jeff getting in a surf in his OC-1

Evening river Fog

Had one portage around a log just upstream from here. The first two km’s were away from the road.

Lower section of the Elk river canyon

The Take Out

Through the looking glass…. Jeff’s dog waiting for his Owner as we finish the run

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