The Cameron River @ 50mm

On the past weekend I managed to have a couple of days off. We paddled a First Descent on Saturday on Upper Cous creek. Then on Sunday we went for a good session on the Cameron river. The Cameron is a classic on Vancouver Island. Knowing we would be taking a bit more time I decided to take my DSLR and a 50mm lens. This would give me the opportunity to get some different images and I wanted to try some different locations.

With over 40 rapids on a 5km section of river there is plenty to keep you on your game as you paddle down the river. There are a few scouts and places to watch for wood but once you get that first lap in of the day, your next ones can link a whole bunch of moves together.

One of my favorite moves is linking the the slot through to the birthing canal. Nail an 8ft boof feeding out into a narrow slot, across a small pool and ride a reactionary off river right wall through a small gap between two rock walls. Very fun.

One of my other spots, which I like is Mushroom drop, A nice 7ft ledge which feeds a lot of the water to the left into a boulder. It provides different landings depending on where you take off from on the ledge. Check out the different landings below, same flow and at 50mm.

After that drop there are two rapids left as you head into final exam, which is a twisting left hand turn. Afterward the hike out is 200m downstream and a bit of a hike out awaits.

Pleasure followed by a bit of pain. The price for the fun recently had.

Look forward to the next adventure into this fantastic river. This run works the best between 4.5 and 7ish on the gauge.

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