COLT group through a 50mm lens

COLT at 50mm

Heading to work

This was summer was going to be good. The snowpack was at an all time high, the weather had been cool, slowing the snow melt. Laurel and myself had the first session back in mid-may after which the group was off to the mountains, a trip to tofino and then out to Nootka sound. They were going to have lots of water time under there belt by the time we were on WW2.

Old School

The river levels were the best I have seen on the Island for this time of year, slightly over 100 cms on the Gold river at the end of June. Unbelievable, but very nice. We had some good days on the Gold getting the group nice and ready for the Nimpkish expedition trip. It was going to be lots of fun.

Instructor Laurel Archer

The group did some great runs down the middle gold before we took off to the Nimpkish. Getting all our gear together we dicided on a double canoe, a single, a raft and 4 kayaks. It was going to be a grand adventure. River level looked good when we crossed over the top of the ‘Drop’, there was room to portage it on river left.

River Side Lunch

There was a little bit of carnage but the three days on the river were great. Lots was learned and the group had a lot of fun.

1st night Fireside on the Nimpkish

Enjoy a few images of what it is like to be out on a river.



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