Rafting Life History

Check out Western for good people and great gear. Amazing support by Western for the site.

Dry Bags that keep my camera gear and clothing dry when I am on the river. They are very good. Trust them to get my camera gear down the river.

Just picked up a new Intergalatic Drysuit from Sweet. Have been loving the Helmet from them as well.

Footwear to stop me from slipping on the rocks.

Solid coats, pants, shorts, fleece, backpacks and tents. Will be continuing to test  the gear soon.

For protection of my eyes, I use smith glasses on and off the water. Just picked up a new pair of touchstone glasses. They have techlite glass which is super nice.

Have been using Astral PFD’s for awhile now. They are super tough, can take the hits and keep on going, and are comfortable to paddle in, either in rafts or kayaks.

Use the AT Eddy, And Hercules . The Hercules has been my river running paddle of choice. The Eddy has been great for teaching as it is very visible on the river.

Jackson boats… easy to outfit, super comfy, and great to paddle. Have been paddling them for awhile, currently have a Rockstar, Karma, Zen and Antix. All good put to good use on rivers around the Island and elsewhere.

Throw bags and belts for Kayaking and Rafting. Great Resource for rescue gear.



Follow Dave along as he chases whitewater in Kayaks and Rafts on Vancouver Island and around the world.