Dave Prothero Rafting Life Curator/ Photographer/ Writer

Dave Prothero
Rafting Life Curator/ Photographer/ Writer

BIO of Dave Prothero

  • Organizes, Curates and post stories to Raftinglife.ca
  • Is a member of the Western Canoe and Kayak WhiteWater Kayak team
  • Local Organizer of Puntledge River Paddle Festival which has attendance of 120-180 paddlers from BC, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest
  • Helps to spread word of paddling opportunities through media and sponsorship of the festival
  • 7 year co-instructor of the “Whitewater” section of the COLT program at Strathcona Park Lodge
  • 6 year co-instructor of the Whitewater Program for the ROAM/PASS program at School District 69
  • Paddles an average of 100 – 150 days a year
  • Promotes local and international rivers through Raftinglife.ca
  • Participates in other festivals – Last year spending time at Gordon River Creek Comp, NWCC, VKC festival, Puntledge Festival, Ashnola Festival, Clearwater Festival
  • Have kayaked and rafted across Canada and in  25 countries on 6 continents
  • Paddled over 250 rivers worldwide
  • Volunteered with high schools giving power point presentations about employment in the outdoors
  • Travelled to Ecuador in January of 2018, paddling rivers around Tena, Jonadachi, and Bezas.
  • Worked with Professor Neville in Co-instructing the Rafting portion of the North Island College Adventure Guiding Certificate.