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It goes a little something like this....

1995 - 2005

The first time I heard of rafting was in Nepal during my first trip overseas. I signed up for a 5 day trip on the Kali Gandaki river. Returning back to Canada, I moved to Banff, AB. I had the opportunity to do another rafting trip, this one on the Jarbridge and Bruneau rivers of Idaho, USA.

With that I was hooked, in 1997 starting to guide with Rocky Mountain Raft Tours on the Bow river. At the same time I learned how to kayak , spending many day on the Kananaskis river, in my yellow Dagger Crossfire.

For the Bow river I spent a couple of seasons on the Ottawa river, the Tully in Australia, Then time in NZ, Iceland and Europe.

March 2005 - A blog is born

While working in Honduras, I decided to start a blog. I had my first digital camera and wanted to share some of the images and stories from my travels. Sitting in the computer shop in a La Ceiba mall, the blog was born. It continues to evolve, as we all do throughout life.


Guiding full time throughout the calander year changed at the end of January 2008 with a significant shoulder injury while working on the Futalefu river in Chile. This lead to taking a year or so off from kayaking and rafting. Spending time wondering if I would get back to paddling. After some summer sea kayaking work, it was possible to get back to whitewater rivers with the help of friends and family. 13 years on from this injury the river continues to bring joy and happiness to me.

2010 - 2020

Kayaking instruction and teaching rafting opportunites have come up on Vancouver Island. Working at Strathcona Park Lodge teaching the WW kayaking component of the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training program (COLT). Also teaching rafting and kayaking at School District #69 as part of the Rivers, Oceans & Mountains program. Recently a rafting portion has been added to the Adventure Guiding Certificate at North Island college and have enjoyed teaching that.

Now paddling through the Fall/Winter/Spring on Vancouver Island then guiding in BC and the Yukon during the summer while maintaining a Health Care career in the Comox Valley........ Life is Never Dull!!



Get to know me

Some of my favorite things.


When sitting on the edge of a river taking in the sounds of the rushing water, the sound of rain on the tarp or tent, the smell of coffee in the morning, a nice glass of scotch in the evening, ripping turns down a trail in cumberland, taking photos of people doing adventurous activities.


Some of my least favorite things.


Flat tires on my bike, not enough sleep, no coffee in the morning < the last one is worth mentioning twice, vacuuming.

Know the facts

01 - I love to kayak and Mt bike .... A LOT.

02 - I own a harmonica. No idea how to play it.

03 - Photography is just one of my artistic passions. I love cooking, the outdoors, and playing with a video camera every once in awhile.

04 - Love sharing the knowledge of the river and getting out with paddlers, be they rafters, canoeists or kayakers.

05 - Comox Valley Local. Love to travel.

06 - I have a passion for education recently having done my International Rafting Federation education facilitated by Northwest Rafting. I spend time working for school programs, North Island College and the COLT program.

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Vancouver Island Based Raft Guide, Kayaker, Educator and Photographer